The smarter way to buy trucking insurance.

Truck Quote Hub is a platform that specializes in providing you with lightning-fast competitive trucking insurance quotes, from all the best A-rated markets, by connecting you with our top insurance agents.


The Smarter Way To Buy Trucking Insurance

We are a platform that specialize in providing trucking companies with lightning-fast competitive trucking insurance quotes from all the A-rated markets. Save yourself a headache from talking to multiple agents at your renewal and save time, money and get the best coverage.

Cut the Hassle

  • We have access to all premium trucking insurance markets.

  • We work with multiple agents so you don't have to, ensuring you get the best rates.

  • Stop hassling with agents you don't know at your renewal date.

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New to Commercial Truck Insurance?

1. Liability Insurance:
Protects against costs from accidents or damage caused while operating your trucks, shielding you from potential lawsuits.

2. Cargo Insurance:
Safeguards the goods you transport, covering damage, theft, or loss during transit, especially important for valuable cargo.

3. Physical Damage Insurance:
Pays for repairs to your trucks after accidents or vandalism, ensuring minimal downtime.

4. Bobtail Insurance:
Covers your truck during non-business use, crucial for owner-operators using their trucks personally.

5. Non-Trucking Liability Insurance:
Provides coverage when your truck isn't in business use, essential for leased operators.

6. Trailer Interchange Insurance:
Protects trailers owned by others while they're in your care.

7. Occupational Accident Insurance:
Offers medical and disability coverage for on-the-job accidents.

Choosing the right combination of these coverages depends on
your business needs, cargo type, and local regulations.

The Smarter Way To Buy Trucking Insurance

The Smarter Way To Buy Truck Insurance

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